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Welcome This site is from the city of Newcastle upon, located North East of the UK about 80 km from the Scottish border. A popular City & People known World Wide.

There are many photographs and poems for you free to use and send. Bob works as a poet. (Published in both the UK & USA) Fun for the Kids, old fashioned recipes. Geordie (pronounced as if Jordy) dialect examples, wavs games puzzles quizzes and links to all that’s cool or Handy on the Internet as well as links to endless other Geordie web sites. You can also choose our favorite flash games: sports heads football unblocked and cooking games from and action games.

Across the poetry & Greetings Web sites, you can select from endless categories of Family Friends Holiday Occasion, Love & Romance, as well as Humour. We have also included Poetry for our Irish and American friends special occasions, and all our web sites have, “no annoying pop ups” or endless advertisements.

Across the sites we have welcomed endless millions of visitors. There are nearly 10,000+ Ecards online (8,000 of these, poems) over three individual web sites, all for your entertainment, enjoyment and pleasure. The only one very strict rule is that all written ®© material, is NOT public domain, and is "strictly not for copy or re publication" on any other web site, without express coded permission, given direct from webmaster.

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